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Winter Driving Hazards: Be Prepared

November 8, 2016

Winter Driving Hazards: Be Prepared

Smart Use of Snow Tires and Chains

Do you have snow tires or chains? Do you know how to fit the chains properly? If not, they won’t be useful. Snow tires designed for your vehicle can improve safety in the wintertime. Don’t buy the cheapest brand at the store; ask for professional advice from your garage or mechanic. Snow and ice create hazardous road conditions; check your vehicle’s manual and understand local laws for using snow chains. Review and practice some winter driving basics before the weather turns treacherous:

Winter Driving Basics

Winter Driving Hazards: Be Prepared

Snow tires and snow chains are great, but they can’t substitute for careful driving. Chains aren’t always allowed in some municipalities and changing weather or road conditions can take you by surprise.

Always follow standard winter driving practices. With or without snow tires or chains some common sense will keep you, your loved ones, and others on the road safe:

● Slow down if there is ice or snow
● Go even slower if there is black ice or heavy ice and slush
● Increase following distance behind motorists ahead of you
● Use headlights when visibility is poor
● Pay attention to news reports concerning weather and road conditions

Winter Driving Hazards: Be Prepared

Snow tires should not be regarded as a way to drive on icy surfaces like they were dry summertime roads. This is often how accidents happen. Overconfident drivers may go faster than they should on slick surfaces. Carelessness and inattention become even more dangerous when the road conditions make quick stops and lane changes nearly impossible.

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