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Occasions When Drivers Must Yield Right of Way

March 31, 2017

Occasions When Drivers Must Yield Right of Way

To be a responsible driver, you must know when to wait your turn. This is especially true in the absence of traffic lights. Below are six scenarios in which you must yield the right of way, according to Ontario law:

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1. You come to an intersection with no signs or lights, and another car approaches first. The car that approaches the intersection first crosses first. If two cars approach the intersection at the same time, both stop. The driver to the right enters the intersection first, and the driver to the left must yield.

2. You come to an intersection with stop signs at each corner and another car comes to a full stop first. If you are the first to reach the intersection and stop completely, the right of way is yours. Again, the car to the right goes first if both cars stop simultaneously.

3. You want to turn at an intersection. You must wait until all pedestrians in or approaching your path have finished crossing. This means they are no longer in the crosswalk and are on the other sidewalk. Also, check your blind spots for cyclists. If you are turning left, you are required to wait until all approaching traffic has cleared the intersection.

4. You want to turn right at a red light. This is legal in most places if there is no sign indicating otherwise. You must stop at the intersection, check for oncoming traffic (and pedestrians) and yield to traffic that has the green light. Some larger cities prohibit right turns on red, so be conscious of local laws.

5. You approach an intersection with a yield sign and traffic is in or approaching the intersection. You must slow down or stop to let other cars through the intersection first. This is common when smaller roads meet busier streets, and the busier street usually has the right of way.

6. You are entering a road from a driveway, private road, or parking lot. In this case you must yield to all vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians in your path.

Occasions When Drivers Must Yield Right of Way

The above list is not exhaustive. There are many other scenarios where a driver is required to yield the right of way. Michelle Linka Law Professional Corporation is your team of trusted car accident lawyers. Contact us today if you have been in a collision and need legal consultation. Call us at 416-477-7288.

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