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Steps to Take for a Medical Malpractice Suit

April 3, 2018

Steps to Take for a Medical Malpractice Suit

Accuracy is critical when it comes to medical care. In the case of misdiagnosis, poor medical care, improper treatment, incorrect surgery or breach of doctor-patient confidentiality — physical, mental, financial, and other damages may occur. If you’ve suffered from medical malpractice, you may be eligible to file a suit against a hospital, clinic, medical practitioners, or other healthcare staff involved.

Medical malpractice is a legal course of action that can be taken when a medical professional fails to competently perform his/her duties, resulting in the injury of a patient. The National Post reported that 70,000 patients each year experience preventable, serious injuries from medical treatment.


If you’re considering a medical malpractice suit, ask yourself if there was:


Steps to Take for a Medical Malpractice Suit

  • Failure to provide a patient with proper standard of care
  • Negligence resulting in injury or harm
  • Injury that resulted in considerable damage(s)


If you plan to file a lawsuit, take the following steps:


Steps to Take for a Medical Malpractice Suit

  1. Seek Legal Help – Consult a qualified lawyer with experience handling medical malpractice cases. Seek legal assistance as soon as possible so the lawyer may file your case before the statute of limitation expires. Ontario has a strict deadlines for filing a medical malpractice claim. The Ontario Limitations Act provides victims two years from the date the injury was discovered to begin legal action.


2. Collect Medical Records – Records and paperwork are crucial evidence in a medical malpractice suit. These documents contain vital information that can make or break a case. Sharing a copy of your medical records with your legal team allows them to thoroughly evaluate and analyze the situation and gather opinions from other medical practitioners who may serve as expert witnesses in your case. Without a proper medical opinion and evidence to support the claim that the healthcare practitioner fell below the standard of care and that in turn caused your injury and damages, you will not be able to bring a successful claim.


Steps to Take for a Medical Malpractice Suit

The process of filing a medical malpractice lawsuit can be complicated. Find a lawyer to who’ll work diligently to help you seek justice. Hold negligent medical practitioners accountable for their action; if they’re required to compensate you for your suffering, they’re less likely to hurt someone else in the future.

Your personal injury lawyers in Richmond Hill understand that medical malpractice can result in life-altering injury and pain. If you are a victim of medical malpractice, call Michelle Linka Law at 416-477-7288. Our team of legal experts will work to alleviate the burden you face.

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