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Back to School: Watch for the Unexpected

September 26, 2017

Back to School: Watch for the Unexpected

With the end of summer, motorists must adapt to changes on the roads. Back to school season brings with it an increase in traffic congestion. The streets and sidewalks are busier now that the academic year has started, with more pedestrians and motorists sharing the road. Add the unpredictable weather changes of the fall season, and there is increased risk for collisions and injuries. Before you get behind the wheel, consider using the following tips and make adjustments for inclement weather.

Map Your Route

Since traffic increases during peak hours, determining safe, less congested routes can help you avoid aggravation and get to your destination on time.

Back to School: Watch for the Unexpected

Think ahead

Prepare the items you need for the work day the night before, and avoid rushing. Stress increases the possibility of distracted driving. Allow yourself ample time to get to your destination.

Escape the Traffic

The best solution to avoid traffic: Leave before and after rush hour. You won’t be late for school or work, and have a little “quiet time” to finish your day at the office.

  • On the way to drop children at school: Leave home early so unexpected road delays don’t affect your day.
  • On the way home: Don’t join in the rush. Take your time by leaving just a little later when traffic thins.

Celebrating Responsibly during the Holiday Season

Be Alert

Pay extra attention now that there are more people walking your route. Children can be unpredictable. Watch out for them when driving near residential areas, parks, and parking areas, and be courteous to all pedestrians.

Carpooling for Parents

Back to School: Watch for the Unexpected

Talk to the parents and caregivers of your children’s schoolmates and see if you can make arrangements to carpool with them. Have the kids exit the vehicle at the designated “drop off/pick up” zone to ensure their safety. Resist the opportunity to have them cross the street to school or step into traffic.

Lighting conditions change in the mornings and evenings of autumn months. Remain extra vigilant and free from driving distractions, especially when visibility is compromised by lack of sun, or the presence of rain or snow.

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