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Winter Driving Tips for Safety

February 27, 2017

Winter Driving Tips for Safety

Driving in bad weather can be dangerous, and costly. Avoid challenging circumstances and sticky legal situations by taking extra precautions and following some tips for winter driving:

Create a Survival Kit

Winter Driving Tips for Safety

When it starts to snow in some parts of Canada, it falls quickly and heavily. You may find your vehicle unexpectedly marooned in an inconvenient location. Keep a survival kit in your car filled with supplies. Essential items include:

● Bottled water
Non-perishable food items
● Warm blankets
● Extra gloves
● A small shovel
● Battery cables

In the event you get stuck and aren’t able to get help for a short while, these items can help keep you comfortable.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

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It’s a good idea to dress in layers during the winter months, but too many layers can be uncomfortable. They can also hinder your reflexes should you need to stop suddenly, or move your car quickly out of somebody’s way. Dress warmly and remove bulky clothing that impedes your ability to react or drive safely.

Keep a Full Tank

Winter Driving Tips for Safety

Be sure to have a full tank of gasoline no matter how close to home you’re driving. You never know when disaster can strike. If you’re slowed by icy road conditions or unexpected traffic, you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll make it to the next gas station.

Keep Your Cell Phone Charged

Winter Driving Tips for Safety

Remember to keep your cell phone on your person and well-charged. If something happens you can reach emergency services and let loved ones know your location. If you are hurt and stranded in the snow, having a full battery will mean that someone can track you with the GPS on your phone. This could save your life.

Keep Your Distance

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Our drivers don’t always react the way we anticipate when weather is bad. Make sure that there is plenty of distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. If someone is tailgating, move over and let them pass.

Even with the best of intentions, accidents are sometimes unavoidable. If you find yourself injured in a wintertime collision, call Michelle Linka Law Professional Corporation to get help. We can help you receive compensation, medical treatment, and vehicle. Call us today at our Richmond Hill location: (416) 477-7288 or Whitby: (905) 448-7810.

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