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Safety Precautions when Riding an ATV

April 17, 2017

Safety Precautions when Riding an ATV

ATVs (or “all-terrain vehicles”) are notorious for some serious accidents. The vehicles can flip and seriously injure a driver with its massive weight. Head-on collisions occur with other vehicles, causing catastrophic injuries. In the event of an accident, find a lawyer dedicated to handling personal injury cases. To avoid ATV accidents and protect yourself, consider the following suggestions:

Protect the Body

A high number of personal injuries are caused by ATV accidents. The injured may need compensation to pay for medical bills and loss of work. Drivers can reduce the severity of injury by wearing protective gear. Protect your body from skids, cuts, and bruises, and wear a helmet to prevent head injuries. Drivers who ride fast may need body armour (including knee and elbow pads), boots, and gloves (for a better grip). Wear your gear no matter the temperature. It might be a little warm, but a little discomfort is far better than getting hurt.

Get Training

Many riders are eager to start using their ATVs and rush into the driver’s seat without proper training. Riding a heavy vehicle off road is more difficult than it looks. It can take weeks to learn the right techniques and handle gears and controls with ease.

In addition to professional training, ask more experienced drivers for tips. They know firsthand the difficulty of driving an ATV in challenging road and weather conditions. Also, ask about maintenance and storage so your vehicle is always in top shape and safe to drive.

Pay Attention

Safety Precautions when Riding an ATV

Most vehicular accidents occur when drivers aren’t paying attention. Texting, talking to other drivers, or enjoying the scenery all contribute to distracted driving. Never use your ATV when sleepy or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

It’s important to be physically and mentally alert when riding vehicle that weighs as much as 200 pounds. Don’t neglect to protect yourself. Michelle Linka Law Professional Corporation has worked to get compensation for numerous ATV cases. Our staff will answer any questions and help you decide if you have a case. Call us at 416-477-7288 to set up a consultation today.

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