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Minimize Bicycle Accident Injury: Protect Yourself

July 26, 2016

Minimize Bicycle Accident Injury: Protect Yourself

According to statistics provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada, about 2% all road fatalities are bicycle riders. Cyclists are particularly vulnerable and need to protect themselves from accidents, as well as in the aftermath of one. Here are some few tips to guide you:


Minimize Bicycle Accident Injury: Protect Yourself

When cycling, always be visible to other road users. Wear cycling gear that is bright enough to get you noticed from a distance. If you are riding at night, ensure that you have a front light, a tail light, and a light on your helmet. Reflective strips and tape on clothing is also useful. Lights will help you see others on the road, and those same lights and the proper clothing will prevent others from running into you.

Contact the Police

Minimize Bicycle Accident Injury: Protect Yourself

Being involved in any kind of road accident can be quite overwhelming. However, it is important to immediately contact the police as soon as possible, and before you leave the accident scene. The police will help you get needed medical attention. They will also take reports from witnesses. If you need to go to court for damages, a police report is essential.

Understand Cycling Laws

Minimize Bicycle Accident Injury: Protect Yourself

Before you ride, read and understand the rules governing cycling in Canada and your city. This will help you keep safe as you ride through the roads and bicycle paths. Also, knowledge of the law will help you avoid being blamed for contributing to your own accident, should you suffer from such an event.

Gather Insurance Information

Motor Vehicle Insurance Regulation in Ontario

Everyone hopes they’ll never be involved in a biking accident. If you are involved in an accident with a motor vehicle, it is very important to get the insurance information from the person driving the motor vehicle. If an accident does happen to you, you may be able to apply for benefits through your own car insurance, through the car insurance of a person you are dependent on, or, through the insurance of the person who hit you. If you have an accident, you may have help with medical bills, compensation for damages to your bike, and, hopefully, coverage for missed time at work.

Engage the Witnesses

Minimize Bicycle Accident Injury: Protect Yourself

After being in a bicycle accident, ensure that you engage the witnesses. Because Canadians in urban centers are big walkers, there are often pedestrians nearby. In the case of an accident, there may be passersby who witnessed the event. Some drivers may even stop to help. Talk to the witnesses and ask for their personal information, so you can contact them in case you need a neutral narration of the facts.

Get Medical Attention

Minimize Bicycle Accident Injury: Protect Yourself

Do not hesitate to get medical attention after being involved in a bicycle accident. If you experience any kind of pain or notice any injuries, see a doctor or emergency room immediately. It is also advisable you get a medical checkup even when they are no visible injuries. Let the medical providers decide whether you are hurt or not.

Contact your Attorney

Minimize Bicycle Accident Injury: Protect Yourself

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