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Why Personal Injury Risk Increases During Winter

January 27, 2017

Why Personal Injury Risk Increases During Winter

There are significantly more car accidents, collisions, and wrecks in winter than any other season. Law enforcement officials attribute this increase to winter weather, less sunlight (“shorter days”), and lower visibility. In Ontario (as well as much of Canada) snow can make driving difficult for all motorists. No matter how good a driver you may be, it’s beneficial to be on the alert for other, less conscientious drivers.


Why Personal Injury Risk Increases During Winter

Icy road conditions are a hazard. Ice and slippery conditions cause vehicles to lose control and slide into other motorists or other objects such as guardrails, trees, or buildings. While news stations constantly warn us to stay off the road during these icy conditions, many people still travel — and the potential for an accident or injury increases tremendously.

Less Sunlight

Why Personal Injury Risk Increases During Winter

At night, visibility is always reduced. Shorter days bring less daylight, and sundown comes in the afternoon hours. Many drivers don’t make this transition, driving as if they were in full sunlight at 4:30 p.m., when in actuality they can see far less at this time of day. This kind of negligence or “tuning out” can make it more likely for drivers to veer off the road or not spot a pedestrian or oncoming vehicle. Be extra cautious — whether walking or driving — during the reduced winter daylight hours. If driving in the afternoon, be vigilant and behave as if you are driving at night. The light is different in winter. It requires extra attention to the road, vehicles, and people around you.

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