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Cycling Safety This Season

April 18, 2017

Cycling Safety This Season

Spring Cycling

It’s finally warming up and there’s a fresh breeze in the air. Many Canadian cyclists hang up their helmets during the winter, but when springtime hits, they can’t wait to hit the open road (or the crowded city streets). Despite the lack of slippery surfaces, it’s still important to avoid obstacles, stay aware, wear safety gear, and have a roadside kit. Here are some tips to fully enjoy your bicycle on Toronto streets and in the suburbs:

Roadside Kit

An emergency roadside kit for your car is handy, but it’s good to have one for your bicycle, too. One can be purchased at a local sporting goods store or you can tailor one to your personal needs. Get a “fanny pack” or a small backpack and fill it with:

● Water purification straw
● Water bottle
● First aid kit
● Cell phone
● Zip-top bags
● Energy bars

Keep the bag small and lightweight.

Terrain, Distance, and other Obstacles

Always examine the terrain as you ride. Watch for potholes. If you are going on a long ride, especially in an unfamiliar area, keep track of how far you’ve travelled, and know where you’re going. Look at a map before riding, and stop to look at directions along the way. Also, be aware of local wildlife that may pop onto the road unexpectedly.

Sharing the Road

Be aware of other cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians. When you have a bike lane, you might be lured into a false sense of security. Keep your head on a swivel and remain conscious of others on the road, because they may not always be looking for you.

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