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Michelle Linka Law understands that each client places their trust and confidence in us to handle their claim, and it is our mission to make a commitment to them. No matter the size of the case, we provide exceptional service and results. If you are injured, you and your loved ones deserve every benefit to which you are entitled, so that you can get back to living a fulfilling life. We will work hard in relieving you of the burdens that you are currently facing, and let them become our problems to solve.

Every year in Ontario, thousands of people are seriously injured in car crashes and accidents. Throughout our experience of providing legal services to the Greater Toronto Area, including the Durham Region and York Region, we have often found that prior to the involvement of a personal injury lawyer, most clients are not receiving the full amount of benefits that he or she needs and that he or she is entitled to following an accident. Let the experience of our team at Michelle Linka Law focus on your needs and make sure that you receive the support you deserve from insurance providers, rehabilitation therapists, health care providers, financial advisors and counselors. We can handle the problems you are facing while going through the litigation process. We are committed to ensuring that you understand your legal rights and we are focused on protecting those rights. We are dedicated to client satisfaction and success!

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